A New Approach to pH Sensor Implementation


September 2016 Section Meeting

Many types of pH sensors are on the market and most are designed and marketed with specific strengths. But to get the most out of any sensor, it must be properly selected, installed and, most importantly, maintained. Inductively coupled, digital sensor technology now makes possible maintenance programs that maximize process pH measurement availability. Continue reading


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Classroom-Led Courses

Fundamental Skills Training

Introduction to Industrial Processes, Measurement and Control (FG07) — 13-17 June (PA)

Measurement and Control

Industrial Pressure & Level Measurement Engineering (EI05) – 13-14 June (DE)

Industrial Flow Measurement Engineering (EI10) – 15-17 June (DE)


Boiler Control Systems Engineering (ES15) – 20-22 June (PA)

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Infrared thermography: advances and applications

Photo: Jim Seffrin

Jim Seffrin, Director, Infraspection Institute

Jim Seffrin, a Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer, presented an instructional and entertaining talk at the ISA Philadelphia Section’s May 11th meeting at Ives Equipment in King of Prussia, PA.

The presentation discussed advances and applications of infrared thermography, with an emphasis on applications. Advances over the past decades have occurred in dramatic price reductions for imaging devices along with improvements in resolution.

Seffrin noted that thermography is limited only to surface phenonena or materials that infrared radiation can penetrate. He also cautioned that it represents a qualitative measure of faults creating heat, or cooling where heat is expected.

While it’s extremely sensitive to small variations in temperature, it does not reveal fault causes. Infrared themography essentially exposes abnormalities that require investigation.

He said that these techniques can be useful in preventive and predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, research & development, and process monitoring and control. While they may improve performance and produce savings in the long run, the techniques require manpower to monitor images as well as to interpret and report results. Continue reading

May 2016 Meeting

May_16_Meeting NoticeScreen Shot II-InfoMay 11. 2016 | Ives Equipment

Speaker: Jim Seffrin, Director, Infraspection Institute

R. James Seffrin is a Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer® and Director of Infraspection Institute located in Burlington, NJ. Mr. Seffrin has over 30 years experience in performing infrared inspections for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications.

He is a co-author of several industry standards and is qualified as an expert witness on the subject of thermography
. Continue reading

APRIL ISA SIL Courses In Royersford PA

isa_trainingISA Training

4/18/2016 – 4/19/2016 – EC52 – Advanced Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection (April 2016-PA) at Proconex, 103 Enterprise Dr Royersford, PA

This course focuses on further hands-on examples of Safety Integrity Level (SIL) selection using a variety of different techniques and providing more insight into the factors that determine risk reduction requirements. Students will be better able to save their companies time and money through the optimization of system performance requirements.

This builds upon the foundation set in ISA’s EC50 (Safety Instrumented Systems-Design, Analysis, and Justification). Continue reading