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  1. I work with Andre Ristaino, Managing Director of the ISA100 Wireless Compliance (WCI) Institute and we wanted to inquire about your ISA Philadelphia section events for 2012 and going into 2013. ISA100 WCI has been on a speaking program in the U.S. and throughout Europe and as you may know participates in conferences throughout the globe. We are going out to a few of the local ISA chapters to see if we can bring our “roadshow” to you. We have an educational program that speaks to the benefits of the ISA100 Wireless Technology. In addition we can make this very hands on and have an interactive discussion with live demo. Typically this takes 3-4 hours but could also do this in a shortened time due to the constraints of a lunch program or such.

    Would ISA Philadelphia be interested in having ISA WCI come speak? Members of the WCI council that would speak on behalf of the organization can range from some of the WCI board members to other technical people that helped write the ISA100.11a spec. Representatives from Honeywell, GE, Yokogawa, Yamatake, Cosasco, Nivis, etc. can participate.

    Below is a bit about the standard and organization and a link to our site. We could plan something before the end of 2012 and/or something for early 2013. Please let me know your thoughts and look forward to hearing from you. I’m happy to arrange a teleconference to go into more detail. Thank you.

    About the ISA100 Standard
    The ISA100.11a industrial wireless networking standard is the first in the ISA100 open family of standards, focusing on the needs of process industries. The ISA100 Wireless Compliant certification ensures that supplier companies deliver interoperable wireless products and provides users the freedom to choose best-of-breed ISA100.11a devices from any supplier. As a result, automation engineers are able to create, modify, optimize, and scale wireless networks quickly at user sites. With ISA100, customers have a solution that is open, interoperable, scalable and reliable for their most critical applications. ISA100 technology is simple to deploy, reliable, secure and supports traditional and future applications. Built from the ground-up using open industry standards, ISA100.11a includes native IPv6LoWPAN addressing, AES-128 encryption, IEEE 802.15.4 radios, duocast transmission, and object technology enabling control in the field.

    ISA100.11a-2011 received committee approval in 2011 and formal ANSI approval in January 2012. Headed towards internationalization, in 2011 ISA100.11a-2011 was accepted as new work in IEC SC65C and as a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) IEC 62734.

    Planned additions to the ISA100 family of standards include support for backhaul functionality, factory automation, power management, and other key-use cases. Details on the approved standard, the ISA100 roadmap, and use-case presentations are available at http://www.isa.org/ISA100.

    About the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute
    The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute (ISA100 WCI) is a non-profit industry organization providing users and developers with market awareness, educational information, technical support, and compliance for the ISA100 family of universal industrial wireless standards. ISA100 WCI provides real world feedback from deployment of ISA100 devices and systems to ISA Standards Committees in order to foster rapid refinement and development of open industry standards for wireless applications. Institute members include end users, technology suppliers, research and development professionals, academia, and other industry consortia and standards bodies.

    More information about the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute and upcoming technology events can be found online at http://www.isa100wci.org.

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