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Old Parrot Joke
What to do at Wal-Mart while your spouse/partner is taking their sweet time…
You are an Engineer if…
Teacher Arrested at Airport: Submitted by Sam Herb
The Rural Visitor: Submitted by Sam Herb
Three Engineers in Car: Submitted by Unknown
The Engineer, Lawyer, and Accountant: Submitted by Unknown
The Atheist and a Bear Submitted by Unknown
The Misuse of NASA Technology: Submitted by Unknown
Ain’t this the Truth: Submitted by Joe Kiefski
The Engineer and the Frog: Submitted by Phil
Engineering in Hell: Submitted by Phil
Dr. Suess Explains Computer Crashes: Submitted by Joe Kiefski
Difference between Catholics & Protestants: Submitted by Joe Kiefski
Questions and Answers: Submitted by Joe Kiefski
Bill of Rights: Submitted by Joe Kiefski
Employee Performance Evaluations: Submitted by Joe Kiefski
Engineer’s Belief: Submitted by Unknown
Engineers vs. Managers: Submitted by Unknown
Yankee Fans Commute: Submitted by Unknown
How Long Has it Been? : Submitted by Unknown

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