Activities: 2016-2017

Annual Program Plan

Yearly Activity Plan from Sept 2016 to Sept. 2017




Section Meeting A New Approach to pH Sensor Implementation in Our Rapidly Evolving Digital World 9/21/2016
Fall Leaders Mtg Fall Leadership Conference, Long Beach, CA 9/24/2016
Section Meeting The Connected Enterprise: Design and Implementation 11/16/2016
Section Meeting Upgrading the Human Machine Interface –
Reviewing ANSI/ISA-101.01 HMI standard for process automation
Future City Section participation in Future City Competition 1/21/2017
Engineer of the Year  2017 Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year – Luncheon- Loews Hotel 2/17/2017
Membership Drive March 2017 Membership Victory Brewing Social Event – 3/15/2017
Spring Leaders Mtg Spring Leadership Conference, Raleigh, NC 5/6/2017
Section Meeting Section Scholarship Awarded 5/17/2017
ISA Golf Outing 3rd Annual 2017 ISA President’s Scholarship Cup 6/29/2017