September meeting focused on laser-based gas detection technology


Carrie DuMars

MSA’s Carrie DuMars discusses laser-based detection of hazardous gases in industrial plants

At the Philadelphia Section’s September general meeting, Carrie DuMars spoke on laser-based detectors for industrial toxic and flammable gases. DuMars is Product Line Manager for MSA’s Safety Gas and Flame Detection division.

Detector photo

Offshore application

Her presentation focused on MSA’s Senscient ELDSTM line of open-path gas detectors. Typical gas applications include: hydrogen sulfide, sour gas, methane, ethylene, ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen fluoride. The technology uses tunable lasers to narrow the observed spectrum for the particular gas of interest. The technique also minimizes any weather-related interference.

The MSA detectors incorporate self-testing and technology to virtually eliminate false alarms. Detection distances range from 60 to 200 meters, depending on the target gas.detected.

Next meeting on Wednesday, November 8th: Network Security in Depth at Ives Co., King of Prussia, PA.

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